Transform your Surroundings

I help peple to balance and heal their surroundings. I have the ability to tap into the earth’s subtle energy and utilize this force in nature to bring balance to one’s environment.   Offering a unique insight to our homes and  work spaces.  With a personalized FENG SHUI consultation I will assess the overall environment, guide you with the design of your home and the placement of your furnishings.  By applying the principles of FENG SHUI, REIKI and wabi sabi I can help  create a home that will increase your prosperity, balance your energy and help you fulfill your life’s purpose. Please contact me to schedule a personalize consultation to transform your environment and as well as your life!

Here are a selection of consultations I provide and the benefits of each:




 Why would you need a FENG SHUI Consultation?

  • To fix a problem area in your life and improve the energy of a particular space.
  • To update and refresh your environment.
  • To review the FENG SHUI principles you have already applied, but may need more clarity.

I’ll begin the consultation by taking a look at the entire property house and lot.  I’ll look at each room and review the entire space, explaining to you the ideal furniture placement, colors, and natural elements that may be needed to bring balance to your space.  I’ll place the Bagua (energy map) over the entire home.  The Bagua is a guide to our life’s aspirations and how they are connected to our environments.   I’ll explain to you the areas that might be causing a blockage of energy, and  will provide you with detailed notes and instructions on what needs to be improved.   If time permits, I move items around and put items into proper placement. 



 I assist clients with the transition from one residence to another. Often clients are downsizing and they ask for my assistance with the move. I start at the current residence and review their furnishings to find out what pieces are most important and vital in their new space. From there I look over the new space and determine what will fit into the place. I help them with deciding what objects to keep and what items that may need to get rid of. This can be a very emotional process and I can make the transition into a new place smooth and enjoyable. I take the time to listen to their needs and honor the memories they have. I calmly explain the benefit of getting rid of objects that no longer serve a purpose. I encourage them to make room for new memories to come into their life. I explain to them how to find a special place for their unwanted items. Most of the time I ask about family or friends who might benefit from the objects or if there is a favorite charity that might appreciate the donation. Transitioning from one place to another is always a challenge but I make the process smooth and enjoyable taking some of the stress out of the move.



Are you preparing to put your home on the market ?


There is staging and then there is staging with FENG SHUI. When you add FENG SHUI to your staging process, you are adding another layer to your marketing concepts. Typical staging is just on the surface but staging with FENG SHUI goes to a deeper level. Find out the meaning behind the suggestions and ideas for staging your home.  By using some simple tools and the ancient wisdom of FENG SHUI, you can transform any home into a comfortable and welcoming place. Learn how to prepare your property for market by staging your home to make it look more inviting and desirable. By making some simple adjustments you can even, increase the asking price!



Do you have too much stuff?

In FENG SHUI, removing clutter is the first step to restoring the energy of the environment.  Learn how to recognize clutter, how to remove it, and how to keep it out of your life.  When we live in a clutter free and organized environment, we can be more productive and efficient. When our surroundings are disorganized, our life becomes a reflection of that disorganization. If there is clutter in our lives, we have a tendency to hold onto weight, lose sleep and live an unhealthy lifestyle. Clearing clutter will allow the energy to flow freely through your home and open the space for abundance and success to enter into your life!


Wabi sabi:

 The Holistic Home – Stress Free Living

Wabi sabi is the Ancient Japanese Design Aesthetic is simple uncluttered spaces, rustic furnishings and organic materials. These simple ideals can be applied to our homes today to make our home holistic and environmentally friendly. It is a way where we can reuse, recycle and reduce our consumption of goods and materials.

When we learn to appreciate the items we already have in our homes it helps us to live a more simpler and stress free life. Wabi sabi is a beauty of things imperfect, impermanent and incomplete.  It is a beauty of things modest and humble. It is a Japanese philosophy that teaches us beauty and wisdom are here in this moment. A wabi sabi home can nurture and comfort the soul!



By redesigning your existing surroundings and adding the finishing touches to your space I can redirect the beneficial energy of any environment.  I can utilize your current accessories to enhance and freshen the look of your space.  When making some simple changes I can give a fresh new appearance to a mundane place.




I look forward to hearing from you to schedule a personalized consultation.