Lady Liberty: A sign of our Fame and Recognition

   There are particular images and symbols used in FENG SHUI that enhance our environment. For example, we can  add a water fountain to our space to improve our career or we can place a picture of a beautiful landscape to maintain good health.  We can even use an image of the Statue of Liberty to improve our fame and recognition.
     In FENG SHUI we like to use the element of fire to increase our fame and reputation. We use the color red, the shape of a triangle or items representing fire such as candles, lights or lanterns, to bring in this fire energy. Lady Liberty’s torch is an unique example of this fire element. Her torch can be seen as a powerful symbol to honor our fame and recognition.
We all want to be recognized for the hard work and energy we put into our careers and passions. One way we can honor this energy, is by using the element of fire in our environment.  In this month of our nation’s birth, we can integrate the symbol of Lady Liberty into our spaces. The image of the torch she bears can be incorporated into our homes and offices.  This simple but powerful figure can enhance our fame and reputation
The Statue of Liberty has long been a symbol of hope. Liberty is often defined as a state of being free within society, free from restrictions. Lady Liberty gives hope to immigrants who are searching for independence and freedom. She also gives hope to citizens who want to be inspired by her splendor. 
Liberty is not stagnant but it is always evolving. As we evolve, liberty is moving  forwards. It can help us see opportunity in the future. The story of Lady Liberty is still developing. It is a powerful symbol that has been used throughout our nation’s history to inspire us. May she continue to encourage us in the future. The history of the Statue of  Liberty doesn’t stop here and hopefully she will continue to enlighten us, our nation and our world.


Celebrate the Summer Solstice

The Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year in the Northern hemisphere. It marks the beginning of the summer season and it will fall on June 20th this year.  Summer Solstice literally means, “When the sun stands still”.
This is a joyous time of the year. It is a time to celebrate the power and energies of the sun. The flowers are in bloom and the temperatures are warming up. This is a great time to form romantic unions. It’s no wonder June is a popular month for weddings.


Cultures throughout time have embraced the Summer Solstice. In ancient China, they celebrated the summer solstice ceremony by honoring the earth, the yin forces and the feminine energy. They observed the day by honoring Li, the Chinese Goddess of Light. The Celts celebrated the Summer Solstice with fires, dancing and feasts. They believed the bonfires helped to increase the sun’s powerful energy. In Sweden, a Midsummer tree was set up and decorated in each town. The villagers danced around it and believed it would bring them abundance.

I encourage you to celebrate the Summer Solstice and enjoy nature’s full bloom. Take pleasure in your plants and flowers. Enjoy a delicious summer feast, build a roaring fire, and honor this festival of summer!

The Year of “Self Care”

It seems like many people I talk to lately are feeling a shift of the energies this year. I remind them that this is the year of “Self-Care”.  This will be a year to just rest and to take care of yourself.  It is so important to restore your body, mind and spirit.  You might want to refer back to my January Blog to review what I wrote I explained that this will be a rough year and the way to handle this shift in energy is to stay grounded.


You can stay grounded by resting, eating right and connecting with nature.  You can also release these strong energies through yoga, qi gong and simple physical exercise. Honestly, this will be a tough year. This is a great lesson on our life’s journey, but you need to prepare yourself for these shifting energies.  The more you prepare yourself, the more apt you will be able to handle and adjust to the changes taking place.


I recently heard psychic and medium Tim Brainard speak and he was explaining this shift in energy as a way for us to learn, grow and adjust. He said, “we need to look at this year as a lesson”. He explained the “the challenges we are experiencing will only make us stronger”. The more you are aware of these shifts in the energies then the easier it will be for you to handle the unstable energies.


I did a program at a women’s retreat recently. I was excited to be a part of this powerful event along with a great group of like-minded women.  The way the weekend unfolded was amazing, with the synchronicities and the flow of energy made for an incredible experience.  This retreat was a perfect example of “Self-Care”, a group of women is taking the time out of their hectic life to stop and embrace life.  It is events like this retreat that will help us to adjust to the unbalanced forces we are feeling.


Willingness to grow that will allow you to become stronger and emerge as new person. Try to use this year as your lesson to learn how to take care of yourself and really experience life at its fullest. Slow down and appreciate nature. Take time to just breathe and relax. I know this advice seems simple and you might have heard it all before. How many of you are doing these simple things to make your life a little easier? Start small and build on your success. Don’t try to change over night, but make a gradual transformation that will have a lasting effect.  It is the experiences you embrace and the glimmer of hope that will transform you this year.

What if there was map you could use to chart your life’s dreams?

Well in FENG SHUI, we have such a chart called The Bagua. It is a tool we use to lead us on our life’s journey. The Bagua is a guide that helps us to fulfill our life’s dreams. It appears as a nine square grid that shows how different areas of a space are connected to different areas of our life. Picture a Tic Tac Toe board to imagine what the Bagua looks like. The Bagua is designed to give us direction to our life’s aspirations. It is referred to as the map of our life. Some have even called it the “compass of the heart” because it is aligned to the most important areas of our life.

Three Door Bagua is the Bagua my school uses, because we align the grid on the same wall of the front door. We use the door to line up the Bagua because the door is the most important part of any structure. It is where all the energy enters and leaves a space. We use the wall the door rests upon to honor this powerful energy. As we are looking into the structure we align the Bagua grid on the space. Then we can look at each of the areas of the Bagua and see how they relate to different segments of our life. The nine areas of the Bagua align with nine areas of our life and the aspirations that we hold for each area. There are certain colors, objects and elements that are associated with each specific area of the Bagua.

I always like to start at the bottom of the Bagua in the center. This area is the Career section. It represents our life’s purpose or the career path we chose. This is where we can honor and highlight our profession. We can place objects associated with our field of expertise, the color black or a water element.

If we move to the left in a clockwise direction, the next area is the Knowledge and Self Cultivation corner. This is where we retain our knowledge, expand our thoughts and continue on the path to learn. This would be the perfect place for an office or study. We can incorporate the color blue or images of mountains and elephants to help us retain our knowledge.

Above the Knowledge corner is the Family and Heritage section. This is where we want to honor our ancestors. It was important in the ancient Chinese culture to pay respect to their ancestors. We believe we would not be successful with out the foundation our family built for us. The Family and Heritage section is the perfect place to display family heirlooms, wood crafted items and the color green.

Adjacent to our Heritage section, is the Wealth and Abundance corner. This is the place we will attain wealth and hold onto our money. We want to honor this section in order for abundance to flow into our life. We can place items associated with wealth such as plants, coins or the color purple.

Next to the Wealth corner, is the Fame and Recognition area. Now you might be thinking; “I don’t want to be famous”. It is not as much as being famous, as it is our self-gumption and our self-esteem. This is the energy we need to do our job or to follow our passions. It directly lines up with our Career section. It is important to honor the energy of the Fame and Recognition area in order to do our job effectively. We need to have confidence to pursue our dreams and to accomplish our goals. This is the ideal area to place awards, diplomas and the color red.

Next to the Fame Recognition area is the Love and Relationships corner. This is the place where we maintain healthy and strong relationships. People often think this corner applies to only romantic relationships, but it covers all the relationships in our life. This area applies to all our relationships with our family, friends, neighbors and coworkers. We need to have healthy relations with all the people in our life not just romantic partnerships. In the Love and Relationship corner, we can use the fire element to ignite the desires of the heart. We can place candles, crystals and the color pink to increase the energy of our heart’s desire.

Below the Relationship corner, is the Children and Creativity area. This is the place where we birth our ideas, in addition to fostering our offspring. It is where we are going to find inspiration for the projects we are working on. In the Children and Creativity area, we can place hand-crafted items, objects that honor the children in our life and the color white.

The quadrant just below the Children and Creativity area is the Mentors and Helpful People corner. These are the people who will help us along life’s journey. It might be a favorite aunt, our grandparents or a historical figure that we want to honor. It can be someone we know personally or it might be someone who inspires us, like a saint or a historical figure. The Mentors and Helpful People corner is an ideal place for pictures of our friends, objects made out of metal and the color gray.

The last place on the Bagua is in the center and this is the area of Health and Energy. Many believe this is the most important part of the Bagua because without our health and strong energy, we cannot have any of these other aspirations in our life. We need to have a strong healthy foundation to build upon all the other areas of our life. In this space, we can have plants, flowers, the color yellow or items made from the earth.

We use the Bagua as way to guide us and to help us enhance particular areas of our life. The Bagua is a map to show us where we have been, we where we are and where we are going. It is a tool that was used for thousands of years but it is still as powerful today as it was in ancient China. The Bagua is one way to set our intentions into our environment to increase the meaning of our aspirations. It is a map we use in FENG SHUI to chart our own dreams. Good Luck in implementing the Bagua and discovering your destiny!

Digging in the yard with FENG SHUI – Creating a Sacred Garden Space

Gardens have always been an important part of Chinese life. In FENG SHUI, we view the garden as an extension of our home. We believe that if we honor the space surrounding the building, it will bring auspicious energy to the inside of the structure. When we apply FENG SHUI to the exterior surroundings of our home, we will enhance the energy, making our space more desirable. It is important that we preserve and enhance the natural elements surrounding our homes. The area surrounding our home should be in harmony with nature. 

 When conducting a FENG SHUI consultation, I don’t look at the structure only, but I also look at the area that surrounds the home. This space is just as vital as the four walls and the roof.

Now that spring is approaching, it is a good time to look at your garden. You want your yard to compliment and balance the structure of your home. Your garden should capture the landscape and draw people into your home.  

Creating a sacred garden space helps to balance the energy of our home. Using FENG SHUI in the garden can increase our opportunities, strengthen relationships and bring us more abundance. We want to create a strong connection to our garden, by enhancing the energy of our environment. Gardens are a great place where we can connect with nature and enhance the natural energy.  When we create a strong connection between our home and our yard, we increase the vital Chi or energy surrounding that area.  We want to have some type of a personal touch in our gardens in order to create a strong bond.  This bond will increase the vital energy that surrounds our home.

 One way you can feel more connected to your garden is to plant items that you love. Being surrounded by the plants and flowers you adore can lift the energy of your home.  You can also plant flowers and trees that you remember as a child. Perhaps your childhood home had a beautiful willow tree in the yard and you loved hiding under the long draping branches. Or, you may recall a bed of beautiful golden daffodils blooming in your yard.  You can add your favorite fragrances like honeysuckle or lilac  to delight your senses.  You might even want to add your favorite color of flowers. Pick the colors that you love and inspire you. This creates a strong connection to your garden.  When you plant flowers and trees that have meaning, it increases the connection and the vital energy of your yard.

 When we honor and treat our gardens with respect, we can enhance the energy surrounding our home. This makes our environment desirable and the energy more beneficial. In FENG SHUI, we believe that if you lived in harmony with the living earth you would lead a life of abundance and happiness. We can attract good Chi or energy into our home by paying attention to the FENG SHUI in our garden. A garden can connect us with the earth and it can balance the energy of our home.  When we use the ancient principles of FENG SHUI, we can connect with the energy in our yard and create harmony both inside and outside our home.

FENG SHUI a Wedding? Or any Special Occasion

 The other day a friend of mine asked if I could FENG SHUI a wedding? I thought for a moment and then said, “yes!” If we can FENG SHUI our homes, offices and yards, why can’t we FENG SHUI a wedding or any special occasion?  Think of FENG SHUI not only for weddings, but also for family reunions, milestone birthdays or even a baby shower. So in the month of love and romance, I thought it might be appropriate to write about using FENG SHUI for a wedding. It would be a great tool, to make sure the event goes off smoothly. When we add FENG SHUI to our environments, it makes for a more peaceful and calm space. That would be perfect for those events that usually cause a lot of stress and get people all worked up.  It would be a great way to insure you will have an enjoyable event without all the chaos.

 In FENG SHUI, we use certain tools to adjust the energy of a space. We could use these same tools to insure that the event will go off smoothly and without worry. One tool we use in FENG SHUI is the Elemental Balance Cure. This is where we use the five main elements of FENG SHUI to balance the energy of any space. The five key elements of FENG SHUI are water, wood, fire, metal and earth. We can use the actual element, an image of the element or a color that represents that particular element. We can incorporate this cure for a particular event. A white wedding dress would represent the element of metal. A black tuxedo would integrate the water element. Incorporating candles would add the fire element, and flowers would bring in the wood element.  Earth tone colors or anything in the shape of a square would bring in the stability of the earth element. When we use these five main elements of FENG SHUI, it balances the energy of a particular space. This will ensure that the day goes as planned and things run smoothly.

 You could use color. Color is a powerful tool used in FENG SHUI to adjust our environments.  There are certain colors that we associate with love: pink, purple, red and even green. Green is the color of the heart chakra. We don’t always think of green as the color of love, but it is a great color to express our love for one another. If we are celebrating a family reunion, we could also use the color green as a theme. The color green represents our family and heritage. That would be a nice way to mix in good family relations, ensuring a happy and relaxing reunion. We might use the color yellow for a baby shower. The color yellow represents health and energy. This would be appropriate to ensure a healthy and happy baby.  The next time you are planning that special event, keep in mind the colors you choose and how they can balance the energy of the space.

 Choose a location with meaning. FENG SHUI is one way we can connect to our environment. When we choose a particular location for the big event, make sure that it is a place that is special.  This will increase the beneficial energy of that space and make the event more memorable. Your special location could be your family’s church, a park where you first met, or an exotic island that you always dreamed of visiting. When we have a strong connection to our surroundings, we will feel more comfortable and at ease. This will allow everyone to enjoy the day.

 The next time you are planning a special event, remember some of these tips and maybe you can use some of these suggestions to ensure a successful event. FENG SHUI is a lifestyle tool that can balance the energies of a particular space. It can be used to balance the energies of wedding, reunion, birthday or any day you wish to make special!

What’s in Store for 2012?

Happy New Year! Get ready for some adjustments this year. 2012 will be a year of transformations and changes. These changes will be quick. There is a shift happening in the Universe. It began on 11-11-11 and will continue until 12-12-12. We are shifting towards something greater than us.  Some of us have already experienced this energy shift on our planet. We have seen it in the sports arena for example, the Penn State scandal, in politics, with the ever-changing Republican primaries, and in the financial world, with the volatile European markets.

James Redfield the author of “The Celestine Prophecy” describes this year as “a period of strong energies making us feel uneasy and restless”. He also believes we are starting a new period in history and this is why we are hearing more about the Mayan Prophecy. We are ending one era and starting another one. Redfield explains that in order to adjust to the changes, we need to be more spiritually centered and create a strong connection to nature’s powerful energies.

Transformational author Christine Kloser talks about how we are living in a transformational world. Things are happening at an accelerated pace. She describes” that if we are not connected to our core, we will begin to feel out of balance”. Our core is our beliefs, values, and passions. With all these changes occurring, we might start to feel them taking a toll on us. The more grounded and balanced we are, the easier it will be able to handle these shifts.

This is not just a shift in the human realm, but also in the natural world. Earthquakes, floods and tornados happen for a reason, I believe the reason is for us to take stock of our lives and value what is most important. Usually the first thing people say after they survive a disaster is, “I am so glad I am safe and my family is alright.” They rarely make comments about the loss of their material possessions. After a disaster, mundane objects really don’t mean much to us. What really matters are the people and the relationships in our lives. I think this is why disasters occur.  They shake us to our core, and help us realize what is essential in our lives.  In an odd way, these tragedies help us to put our lives back into perspective. They teach us where we should invest our time and energy.

As all these shifts continue, you might start to notice changes. Now you are probably wondering after all this doom and gloom, “what can I do?” You might ask yourself, “is there anything that I can do to cope with these changes?” Well you can, and the first thing I would suggest is to ground yourself. Stabilize the energies around you by eating well-balanced meals, sleeping, exercising, and spending time in nature. All these things will help you to stay balanced and grounded.

The energies on the outside of your homes might change. It is important to keep the balance inside your homes and bodies to handle these rapid changes. You can make sure our environment is healthy and nurturing. Make a point to create harmony in your homes. As the world is changing and feeling more stressful, make sure your home is a place where you can rest, relax and escape from the chaos in the world.  Invest your energies and time with the people who matter in your life. Spend time with people who are positive, upbeat and inspire you. It is the simple things that can make you feel balanced and grounded. These are the best ways to handle the shift and transformations that you are experiencing in the world today.