Had a client who was selling her home and asked for help on how to sell her house quickly.

By the way,  I placed something red at the front door and had a buyer within a week, thanks for the tip!

Katherine G.



A colleague of mine was having trouble with her neighbor and wanted a suggestion on how to improve her situation.

Cara just wanted let you know that I put up a bagua mirror and so far so good! Thanks for the great advice! Danielle, P.


Client Testimonial :

I  painted my living room and have to say it is so much more calm. Bickering used to be common place in that space, now it feels more open and people discuss first before jumping. Huge improvement!

Thanks so much for the fantastic information.

With gratitude,

Wendy L.


At the Streamline your Routine Workshop, Cara presented Feng Shui tips in a very user-friendly manner.  I took the information home and immediately began to assess my living space.  I’m in the process of making simple changes to increase the positive energy flow in my home.  I look forward to learning more.
Patty T.


Cara Gallagher is dedicated to her craft.  I was delighted to have Cara in my home.  She is professional and thorough, taking each room into account as well as the whole dwelling.  She found inexpensive ways to achieve the results we intended and in some cases, simply moved things from one area to another.

I was concerned that I would forget all we discussed and to my surprised was presented with an accounting of all we discovered and what potential purchases might be made.  I am delighted with Cara’s work and will recommend her to my family and friends.

Roseann Heinrich

Accredited T’ai Chi Chih® instructor

Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner®                                                                                                                                                                                 




Until I sold my own home, I never seriously considered recommending a home stager to any of my clients.  A few months ago, Cara Gallagher, a Feng Shui and home staging consultant, addressed our office meeting.   I was blown away by what I heard. Yes, there are some homes that the minute you walk in, you love it or hate it. A good stager can maximize the flow of energy in the home, and that’s what I hoped Cara could do for my wife and I. So prior to putting our house on the market, we called Cara. She is personable, affordable, and she knows her stuff! She had dozens of manageable tips for us that truly made our house feel more like a home (not to mention the simple adjustments that made small rooms feel huge). Our home sold in 3 days for 98 percent of asking price!    I highly recommend Cara to help your listings sell faster.  I’m fairly traditional and conservative, and not naturally inclined to be open-minded about feng shui or things like it.  I am so grateful that I kept an open mind, and let Cara work her magic!

Brian F. Kirk
Florida Equities Realty
Cell: 561-374-3223


At the end of February Cara came out to our Animal Shelter and gave us suggestions for ways to change the energy level in our Dog and Cat buildings. We needed simple, inexpensive suggestions due to the limited space that we have. Her suggestons were exactly what was needed. It has been 10 days and we already have 6 dogs and 11 cats adopted. Some of the cats that got adopted had issues and now they are in forever homes. A BIG THANK YOU to Cara! I am positive with all of that wonderful positive energy that is going around more and more of our loving furry friends will find their forever homes.
     With infinite love and gratitude,
     Rev. Liz Madsen,CNHP,RMT

“Before working with Cara, the energy in my house was so stagnant.  It was stale and outdated, and really had a powerful negative effect on me that I didn’t even realize.  After Cara came out and taught me the principles of Feng Shui, I noticed an immediate change that has allowed new positive energy to flow throughout my house, and my life.  The simple, easy changes she suggested I implement had a huge impact and I’m so grateful for her services and insight!”

Angela Minelli
Certified Holistic Health Counselor, AADP
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