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How to be in harmony and well being with your environment

August 25, 2015                                                                                                                    

Hosted by Laura Mineff

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When we are going through the different stages of our lives and not feeling right with the world with no medical or physical reason, we look for answers on other levels. In this segment, my guest Cara Gallagher, an Environmental Healing Expert combines the ancient wisdom of FENG SHUI, the philosophies of REIKI and the principles of wabi sabi to help people transform their existing surroundings.

10 ways to lift your mood with redecorating!

Our mood is definitely affected by our daily stresses, so by having a peaceful and serenity home this will brighten up your mood. This can be done by decorating our home to create a haven to relieve us from the stress of the outside world. Read the rest of the post at

The Best Restaurant Colors,
According to Color Experts

Check out this post on FENG SHUI and Color

My Beautiful Home Radio Show with your hosts Andy January and Kathryn DeLong
Listen to the replay of my interview on FENG SHUI for the Holidays
From Saturday December 8, 2012 broadcast (first half hour)

 VoiceAmerica  interview with  Kathy Kirk

FENG SHUI How it Works and Why it Matters

Environmental Healing:
Feng Shui How It Works; Why It Matters

A New View of Life
Tuesday January 31st  6pm EST

Radio interview on

It’s Your Biz with Susan Solovic –  learn how I use the tools of Environmental Healing to bring success to my business.

It\’s Your Biz

Hope you will enjoy!



 Energy and the Power of You

Energizing your business, your career, your life

Energy Panel Expert

Cara Gallagher-FENG SHUI and Your Environment

Tuesday March 15, 2011

Ladies Who Launch


Interview with the Sun Star Courier


“It’s (Feng Shui) been around so long and has sustained. So many different countries and cultures have embraced it and not just in Asia,” she said. “It has some amazing effects. You are able to change your life based on your environment.”



Article on Love to Know Feng Shui

 Reiki and feng shui are both powerful healing modalities. I like to think of Reiki as healing our bodies and feng shui healing our environment. Both feng shui and Reiki can improve our well-being, raise our energy level and bring balance in our lives.



Interview on Cleveland Examiner

The goal of holistic health  is to create balance within our lives. We must have a balance in our environment in order to have balance in our lives.  If we have that balance in our environment  then we have a harmonious place to live and to thrive.  When we have balance in the energy of our environment the space will be welcoming, relaxing and a place where we want to spend time.



Creating a Home of Comfort

This article was published for Essentials Healing Spa in Rocky River, Ohio

In my years of studying Feng Shui I have realized the need to create a home of comfort.  Practitioners for centuries have been recommending Feng Shui principles as a path to find comfort and harmony in one’s environment.  In  Sarah Ban Breathnach’s popular book Simple Abundance, she describes how ancient Chinese societies utilized Feng Shui Principles in their design and planning. “ Thousands of years ago in ancient China practitioners of the mysterious art of placement known as feng shui advised emperors and nobles on how to bring more harmony, health, and prosperity into their lives through inspired interior design”.  Here’s how you can incorporate Feng Shui principles in your  environment.

In Feng Shui we can adjust the Chi (energy) to a space by using solutions or cures to correct the energy. The number one cure to any space is the removal of clutter. We have to clear out the space of any unwanted, unused or broken items.  Surrounding ourselves with  objects that we enjoy, can bring us happiness. We need to clear away anything that doesn’t bring us joy.  When the clutter is removed we can start to correct any areas that might be causing us problems. Another cure in Feng Shui is the mirror. Some practitioners have referred to mirrors as the “asprin” of  Feng Shui. Mirrors can enhance the energy and bring life back to the space, or they can diminish negative energy from the area.  By placing a mirror over one’s stove we can increase our prosperity. Some practitioners believe a mirror over your burners can double your wealth.   In another area of the home, we might want to position a mirror over the toilet, to prevent prosperity from draining away. If we place a mirror over the toilet it gives the illusion that the toilet is not even there. These are just some simple adjustments that we can make, to enhance our environments.

Is your home in need of  enhancement? Then the principles of Feng Shui may offer you some solutions. Tranquility within the home is only a few adjustments away.  I can assure, that you can have harmony and balance within your home and create comfort in any space.

This article was published for Essentials Healing Spa in Rocky River, Ohio


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