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My “Ah Ha” Moment

People often ask me the source of my passion for FENG SHUI. My passion for FENG SHUI began with The Oprah Show. I was watching an episode where she was featuring a FENG SHUI consultant. As I watched that show, everything made sense to me, everything just clicked in my mind. That was my “Ah Ha” Moment. From that day, I started reading and studying everything I could about the ancient art of FENG SHUI. The more I read and the more I studied the more confused I got. I would read one book and try to follow the advice, and then pick up another book and read contradicting advice. The more I studied the more puzzled I was. It wasn’t until I went through training to be a Certified FENG SHUI Consultant that I realized how many different schools of thought there are.  Once I was certified, and decided to follow one school of thought, it made for an easy and exciting journey. My school is the BTB, Black Sect Tantric Buddhism with His Holiness Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun Rinpoche. My Master Anne Stevens of Graced Space School of FENG SHUI was instrumental in giving me the foundation for my success.

I have studied FENG SHUI for over fifteen years and have conducted consultations for business and residential clients.  I have given presentations at various places including Polaris Career Center, Lakewood Public Library, Lifeworks of Southwest General Hospital and Quailcrest Farm in Wooster, Ohio. I was featured in the Sun Star Courier, LovetoKnowFeng, Clevelandexaminer, and featured on the national radio show it’s Your Biz with Susan Solovic Radio Show.   I am a Usui REIKI Master, and have practiced REIKI for over eight years. Additionally I have studied wabi sabi, specializing in the environmental benefits of this Japanese design aesthetic. I respect the value of weathered and aged items to enhance your space. I practice these modalities and reside inCleveland, Ohio with my husband Tom.

I currently teach classes and offer group presentations on the fundamentals of Environmental Healing, and my upcoming schedule can be found here.  I would be happy to arrange a presentation for your group or organization.


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