The Roots of FENG SHUI Sacred Plants and Trees of FENG SHUI

BambooIn FENG SHUI, there are certain plants and trees we favor and consider sacred. The Chinese believe these trees are sacred because of the auspicious energy that is associated with them. They would even bury their dead near a particular tree. They believed the good spirits of their ancestors would absorb into the tree, bringing them riches and good luck.

Trees are considered the lungs of the planet. They clean the air by taking in carbon dioxide and give us life-sustaining oxygen. Trees offer more than just shade on a hot and steamy day. They provide a habitat for wildlife and help with soil retention. Trees give us building materials for shelter and warmth from firewood.

One of the most beloved plants of FENG SHUI is Bamboo, because it is strong and durable. Bamboo is renewable; it grows quickly and replenishes rapidly. It is believed in FENG SHUI that Bamboo can increase our wealth and it has the power to ward off unwanted energy. If you plant Bamboo in the back of your home, the Chinese believe it can increase your wealth and abundance. If it is planted near the front of the home, it will attract positive energy or auspicious Chi. Bamboo is easy to grow and requires very little maintenance, making it one of the most honored trees of FENG SHUI.

Another sacred tree in FENG SHUI is the Evergreen. They are favored in FENG SHUI because they keep their green color all year long. For that reason, the Chinese believe Evergreens bring prosperity throughout the winter months. Pine trees, in particular, symbolize friendship and loyalty. However, any type of Evergreen symbolizes durability and endurance. They never lose their positive energy and can create an optimistic spirit.

In FENG SHUI, we love fruit trees because they represent abundance and good health. They attract good Chi or energy to our homes. In 1912, the Japanese gave the United States the gift of Cherry trees, as a symbol of good luck. A Cherry tree planted in the yard brings good luck to the home. Another example is the Apple tree. It can bring peace and strengthen family relations. I like to suggest to my clients, that if they are blending a family together, they can plant an Apple tree. The Apple tree can help to create harmonious family relations.

Citrus trees are also favored in FENG SHUI, especially the Orange tree. An orange tree is believed to increase abundance. Oranges are presented to loved ones around the Chinese New Year as a way to ensure prosperity throughout the year. Lemon trees can help with fertility and reproduction. There is a legend that if a couple is trying to conceive, they should plant a lemon tree in their yard, to increase the chances of getting pregnant. I have seen lemon trees placed in planters and positioned on either side of the front door to bring this scared energy into the home.

Other trees bring blessings and good fortune. For example; Maple trees can bring balance and stability to our yards. The Oak tree is the mightiest of trees and symbolizes strength and courage. They can help to increase career success. Birch trees represent new beginnings and a cleansing of the past. They would be good to plant when you move into a new home or in a newlywed’s yard.

Trees anchor the energy that is vital to our well-being. They are powerful healers that bring us peace and comfort. Take the time to see if you have any of the sacred trees in your yard. Before you plant a tree, you might want to consider one of the sacred trees of FENG SHUI, so you can take advantage of the auspicious energy associated with them. Trees help to frame the landscape of our planet. They provide strength for us and give us powerful grounding energy.
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33 thoughts on “The Roots of FENG SHUI Sacred Plants and Trees of FENG SHUI

  1. I have just planted a weeping cherry in my front garden and now read that this is not good feng shui? Is this the case? I see cherry trees are lucky, what about the weeping cherry?

    • Meg,
      Thank you for your comment. Yes Cherry trees are good FENG SHUI, any fruit trees are good FENG SHUI. Because fruit represents wealth and abundance in FENG SHUI, so any fruit tree would allow the abundance to flow into your life. But you are right on the other hand weeping trees are not the most ideal in FENG SHUI. Weeping trees have a tendancy to drain our energy. You mentioned that the tree is in the front of your home and that would be more ideal than in the rear of your living space. Just be mindful that this weeping tree may cause you to slow down and settle you, opposed to a tree like an evergreen that might lift up your spirits. I say let the tree take root and see how things progress. If things in your life seem to slow down and you feel tired or drained you might want to reconsider the weeping Cherry tree. But on the other hand if your life continues to flow in a more positive fashion honor and respect the Cherry tree and embrace it! I hope this helps clear up your concerns.

  2. Are Chinese evergreen plants consider an evergreen? Also what is the best indoor plant to place on a kitchen bay window that faces a big street that provides the best feng shui and best air filtering for the home as well? Thank you!

    • Even though they do not look like an evergreen, Chinese evergreens are considered an evergreen plant. It is because of the shape and style of their stems. Typically a good plant to put on your window sill or a bay window in your kitchen would be any kind of herb. In particular, Rosemary helps increase your wealth and abundance and is said to keep you healthy. Thanks for your question and I hope this helps!

  3. Can we place Buddha belly bamboo tree at the right side main entrance of our house, as we do not have space at the left of the main entrance..
    Awaiting your valuable response…

    • Not sure I understand your question? But some good plants to put in your space are bamboo because it is said to increase increase prosperity, Jade plants as well they good for bringing in the abundance. Any herb lavender, rosemary, basil are all good to have around for aromatherapy. I hope that answers your question.

      • Peace Lily’s are good for keeping your air clean and filtered. It is not bad to put one in your bedroom. But you do not want a lot of plants in the room in which you sleep. Plants contain a higher energy frequency. They lift our spirits and keep us healthy that is why it is common to give plants and flowers to people who are sick or unhealthy. So you can place live plants in your room and a Peace Lily is fine just keep plants to a minimum.

  4. I have planted jade plants inside my front entrance door what other plants can I put to increase good luck and prosperity?

  5. i have just planted a cherry blossom tree at the front yard is it a good place to plant? and i have just bought bammboo tree, where is the best to plant backyard or front yard? thanks n awaiting for your reply.

    • Yes, you can plant a Cherry tree in your front yard that will be fine. You can place Bamboo in your front yard for protection against unwanted negative energy. You also place Bamboo in your backyard to increase your wealth and abundance. Either place would be good FENG SHUI!

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    • Trees in the front and back are both good energy. But ideally you would want more trees to the back of your structure. It is good to have an open expansive feel to the front of your home or building. Then have trees surround from behind to offer protection. When you have an open feel in the front more beneficial energy or Chi can flow in to your space.

  7. I’m trying to understand fend shui and finding it rather difficult. Our family has always been a bit chaotic, I read something about the Chinese red lantern being good to place at front door or foyer. We have a red stained glass lantern light that we purchased from an antique store that came out of a church in Europe that we wanted to replace our hanging light above with. Would this still be considered good even if it isn’t a Chinese lantern or would it be bad? Any help would be much appreciated!

    • Lisa,
      I appreciate your interest in FENG SHUI. Just because your lantern is not Chinese does not make it bad FENG SHUI. If any item lifts your spirits, inspires you or crates a positive feeling, then it is good FENG SHUI. Remember you want surround yourself with items that make you feel good and inspire you. The only thing I caution you about an antique item is that there might be stale energies attached to it. So make sure you cleanse the item. You can smudge an item in order to remove any negative energy from the lantern. Make sure you smudge or clean the item to insure it will have a positive energy!

  8. I would like to plant a windmill palm tree in my front yard. My front door is South facing. Should I plant the palm tree or other trees better? Thanks.

    • The windmill palm tree has spiked growth or shoots coming out from it. Sharp edges or pointy leaves are not really good FENG SHUI. I would look for a tree with rounded leaves. Any fruit tree is good to plant in your front yard, especially lemon trees. Lemon trees are good to ward off unwanted energy. I hope that helps.

    • Aliana,
      Yes an Apple tree is good FNEG SHUI. Any fruit tree is good FENG SHUI, because fruit represents abundance and wealth. So we believe it is always good to plant fruit trees including Apple trees in order to welcome wealth and abundance into our lives through our environment. Remember what we do to the outside of our living space, meaning our yards and gardens will bring beneficial energy into our indoor spaces and eventually into our lives. Thank you for your question and your interest in the ancient art of FENG SHUI!

  9. I wonder about Frangipani trees. Can you advise? I just planted one in front of my business after having a rough summer, in order to bring in renewal and love. The flowers it brings are white when in bloom. Planting it felt right.

    • Lisa,
      Frangipani trees in FENG SHUI are good for love and romance and in the Hindu culture it is said to bring loyalty. This would be a good tree to plant to strengthen relationships personal and professional. Frangipani trees is a good choice for a planting for your business. Best wishes with your business!

  10. Hi I boyght my house 7yrs ago it had 3 big avocado trees at the back. Ever since I moved in things are falling apart in my family. Please advise may be there’s a tree that is causing this.

    • Zama,
      Thank you for your comment. I don’t think it is the avocado trees that would cause things to unravel. Fruit trees are good FENG SHUI, so I don’t think it is the trees. Unless the trees are past their prime, old, and not healthy. I would suggest you examine your home in the sense of what you have done in the last 3 years? What are the changes you made? When you you feel like your life is falling apart- make sure you remove anything broken from your living space. Address the clutter in your home, is there a lot of clutter inside and outside your home. I think your bad luck might have more to do with what kind of items and energy are surrounding your home. Without more information it is hard for me to specifically address your situation. But I tell my clients the first thing to do is remove clutter, clean your space and this is the perfect time of year to spring clean and deep clean your home. Open windows and let fresh air in and the sunlight to bath your home in energizing Chi! I hope that helps.

  11. Hello, I have a brand new house and 6 palm trees were planted in front of house, 3 across on left side of entrance door (facing to the street) and 3 in line towards the street on right side of entrance door. the outer 2 palm trees on the right side are dead, in which only one palm tree
    near front window is remaining.
    Should we replace the 2 dead palm trees or just have them removed and hauled away?
    Thank you!

    • I would definitely have them removed you do not have anything dead in your yard or home. It represents dead energy and can bring your energy down. I don’t think you would have to replace them. Does the space feel balanced? What you want is a balanced feel to your property. If the trees are needed to give the yard balance then I would replace. But if the yard is balanced with out the trees I would leave them alone and just remove them.

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