Are You Feeling Stuck?

Several people have been asking me lately how to deal with the negative energies that seem to be floating around the Universe. Here are some suggestions for clearing out the negative energy in your environment and around your body.

You might want to start with a salt bath. Salt is a powerful tool in removing unwanted energies, especially sea salt. Sea salt is a great tool to get rid of negative energy. Try to use sea salt from the Dead Sea, which is even more powerful. I have found Dead Sea Salts at TJ Maxx and Marshalls. These stores carry various spa items and sometimes they have high quality bath salts.  You can also sprinkle sea salt around the perimeter of your home. I do this to add a barrier of protection to my home. It is a nice shield of defense from unwanted energies.

 Next, you might want to smudge your environment with a smudge stick. See photo below for an example. A smudge stick is a bouquet of dried sage leaves tied together. Smudging is similar to burning incense in a church. It cleanses a space and makes the structure feel fresh and renewed. According to Ellen Whitehurst, “the American Indians taught us that to ‘smudge’ or smoke away stale and unproductive energies in our interiors would allow healthier, happier and more prosperous energies to come in from the outside, bringing opportunity and blessing alongside them”.

 When smudging your home, starting at the exterior of the front door.  Begin at the top of the door and move in a clockwise direction outlining the doorway three times. Then come inside and continue to work your way in a clockwise direction. Move along the perimeter of the home and pay close attention to the corners (that is where most of the negative energy collects). Go around each window, opening closets and cabinets. Keep at least two windows open during the process. You want to have a way for the negative energies to exit. Make sure you are in a good mood, the sun is shining and it is not raining. These all affect the cleansing process.

 I like to recite this mantra before I begin:  “I dedicate this purification practice and the chanting of this mantra (OM MANI PEHME HUM). To the harmony of my home, to the harmonious relationships between the members of my family and to our harmonious relationships, with outsiders so that we may all experience continued good health and happiness.” I continue to say this Tibetan mantra OM MANI PEHME HUM as I walk through my home.

 Make sure you wash your hands after smudging and discard the ashes in the earth. If you are unable to burn a smudge stick, you can also use smokeless sage. It is a spray liquid that I use daily to smudge myself and my space; to clear out unwanted energy.  I smudge daily because of the contact I have with various people and places. This is a great way to remove negative energy if you are unable to burn a smudge stick.

 In addition to smudging, I like to burn white candles. White candles are a simple but powerful way to ensure the white light of protection. White candles are a great way to protect yourself from negative energy. Picture a church and think about how many candles they have, also notice most of the candles are white. There is no mistake that white is the color of cleanliness and purity.  I love to burn white candles to insure my space is protected and safe from any unwanted energies.

 Recently, I read about this and find it to be very effective. Try soaking your feet in cold water right before you go to bed. The cold water drains toxins and impurities out of the body.  I love to soak my feet in the cool water because I find I am more relaxed and calm. I have noticed after my feet are cleansed, I have a more restful night of sleep.

 These are just a few ways to remove unwanted energy from our spaces and around our bodies. You don’t have to use all of them, but pick the one that seems comfortable. There are times when we feel drained and nothing seems to be going right. Well you might need to clear away some stagnant energies and allow for the new to flow in!


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