Lady Liberty: A sign of our Fame and Recognition

   There are particular images and symbols used in FENG SHUI that enhance our environment. For example, we can  add a water fountain to our space to improve our career or we can place a picture of a beautiful landscape to maintain good health.  We can even use an image of the Statue of Liberty to improve our fame and recognition.
     In FENG SHUI we like to use the element of fire to increase our fame and reputation. We use the color red, the shape of a triangle or items representing fire such as candles, lights or lanterns, to bring in this fire energy. Lady Liberty’s torch is an unique example of this fire element. Her torch can be seen as a powerful symbol to honor our fame and recognition.
We all want to be recognized for the hard work and energy we put into our careers and passions. One way we can honor this energy, is by using the element of fire in our environment.  In this month of our nation’s birth, we can integrate the symbol of Lady Liberty into our spaces. The image of the torch she bears can be incorporated into our homes and offices.  This simple but powerful figure can enhance our fame and reputation
The Statue of Liberty has long been a symbol of hope. Liberty is often defined as a state of being free within society, free from restrictions. Lady Liberty gives hope to immigrants who are searching for independence and freedom. She also gives hope to citizens who want to be inspired by her splendor. 
Liberty is not stagnant but it is always evolving. As we evolve, liberty is moving  forwards. It can help us see opportunity in the future. The story of Lady Liberty is still developing. It is a powerful symbol that has been used throughout our nation’s history to inspire us. May she continue to encourage us in the future. The history of the Statue of  Liberty doesn’t stop here and hopefully she will continue to enlighten us, our nation and our world.


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