The Year of “Self Care”

It seems like many people I talk to lately are feeling a shift of the energies this year. I remind them that this is the year of “Self-Care”.  This will be a year to just rest and to take care of yourself.  It is so important to restore your body, mind and spirit.  You might want to refer back to my January Blog to review what I wrote I explained that this will be a rough year and the way to handle this shift in energy is to stay grounded.


You can stay grounded by resting, eating right and connecting with nature.  You can also release these strong energies through yoga, qi gong and simple physical exercise. Honestly, this will be a tough year. This is a great lesson on our life’s journey, but you need to prepare yourself for these shifting energies.  The more you prepare yourself, the more apt you will be able to handle and adjust to the changes taking place.


I recently heard psychic and medium Tim Brainard speak and he was explaining this shift in energy as a way for us to learn, grow and adjust. He said, “we need to look at this year as a lesson”. He explained the “the challenges we are experiencing will only make us stronger”. The more you are aware of these shifts in the energies then the easier it will be for you to handle the unstable energies.


I did a program at a women’s retreat recently. I was excited to be a part of this powerful event along with a great group of like-minded women.  The way the weekend unfolded was amazing, with the synchronicities and the flow of energy made for an incredible experience.  This retreat was a perfect example of “Self-Care”, a group of women is taking the time out of their hectic life to stop and embrace life.  It is events like this retreat that will help us to adjust to the unbalanced forces we are feeling.


Willingness to grow that will allow you to become stronger and emerge as new person. Try to use this year as your lesson to learn how to take care of yourself and really experience life at its fullest. Slow down and appreciate nature. Take time to just breathe and relax. I know this advice seems simple and you might have heard it all before. How many of you are doing these simple things to make your life a little easier? Start small and build on your success. Don’t try to change over night, but make a gradual transformation that will have a lasting effect.  It is the experiences you embrace and the glimmer of hope that will transform you this year.


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