What if there was map you could use to chart your life’s dreams?

Well in FENG SHUI, we have such a chart called The Bagua. It is a tool we use to lead us on our life’s journey. The Bagua is a guide that helps us to fulfill our life’s dreams. It appears as a nine square grid that shows how different areas of a space are connected to different areas of our life. Picture a Tic Tac Toe board to imagine what the Bagua looks like. The Bagua is designed to give us direction to our life’s aspirations. It is referred to as the map of our life. Some have even called it the “compass of the heart” because it is aligned to the most important areas of our life.

Three Door Bagua is the Bagua my school uses, because we align the grid on the same wall of the front door. We use the door to line up the Bagua because the door is the most important part of any structure. It is where all the energy enters and leaves a space. We use the wall the door rests upon to honor this powerful energy. As we are looking into the structure we align the Bagua grid on the space. Then we can look at each of the areas of the Bagua and see how they relate to different segments of our life. The nine areas of the Bagua align with nine areas of our life and the aspirations that we hold for each area. There are certain colors, objects and elements that are associated with each specific area of the Bagua.

I always like to start at the bottom of the Bagua in the center. This area is the Career section. It represents our life’s purpose or the career path we chose. This is where we can honor and highlight our profession. We can place objects associated with our field of expertise, the color black or a water element.

If we move to the left in a clockwise direction, the next area is the Knowledge and Self Cultivation corner. This is where we retain our knowledge, expand our thoughts and continue on the path to learn. This would be the perfect place for an office or study. We can incorporate the color blue or images of mountains and elephants to help us retain our knowledge.

Above the Knowledge corner is the Family and Heritage section. This is where we want to honor our ancestors. It was important in the ancient Chinese culture to pay respect to their ancestors. We believe we would not be successful with out the foundation our family built for us. The Family and Heritage section is the perfect place to display family heirlooms, wood crafted items and the color green.

Adjacent to our Heritage section, is the Wealth and Abundance corner. This is the place we will attain wealth and hold onto our money. We want to honor this section in order for abundance to flow into our life. We can place items associated with wealth such as plants, coins or the color purple.

Next to the Wealth corner, is the Fame and Recognition area. Now you might be thinking; “I don’t want to be famous”. It is not as much as being famous, as it is our self-gumption and our self-esteem. This is the energy we need to do our job or to follow our passions. It directly lines up with our Career section. It is important to honor the energy of the Fame and Recognition area in order to do our job effectively. We need to have confidence to pursue our dreams and to accomplish our goals. This is the ideal area to place awards, diplomas and the color red.

Next to the Fame Recognition area is the Love and Relationships corner. This is the place where we maintain healthy and strong relationships. People often think this corner applies to only romantic relationships, but it covers all the relationships in our life. This area applies to all our relationships with our family, friends, neighbors and coworkers. We need to have healthy relations with all the people in our life not just romantic partnerships. In the Love and Relationship corner, we can use the fire element to ignite the desires of the heart. We can place candles, crystals and the color pink to increase the energy of our heart’s desire.

Below the Relationship corner, is the Children and Creativity area. This is the place where we birth our ideas, in addition to fostering our offspring. It is where we are going to find inspiration for the projects we are working on. In the Children and Creativity area, we can place hand-crafted items, objects that honor the children in our life and the color white.

The quadrant just below the Children and Creativity area is the Mentors and Helpful People corner. These are the people who will help us along life’s journey. It might be a favorite aunt, our grandparents or a historical figure that we want to honor. It can be someone we know personally or it might be someone who inspires us, like a saint or a historical figure. The Mentors and Helpful People corner is an ideal place for pictures of our friends, objects made out of metal and the color gray.

The last place on the Bagua is in the center and this is the area of Health and Energy. Many believe this is the most important part of the Bagua because without our health and strong energy, we cannot have any of these other aspirations in our life. We need to have a strong healthy foundation to build upon all the other areas of our life. In this space, we can have plants, flowers, the color yellow or items made from the earth.

We use the Bagua as way to guide us and to help us enhance particular areas of our life. The Bagua is a map to show us where we have been, we where we are and where we are going. It is a tool that was used for thousands of years but it is still as powerful today as it was in ancient China. The Bagua is one way to set our intentions into our environment to increase the meaning of our aspirations. It is a map we use in FENG SHUI to chart our own dreams. Good Luck in implementing the Bagua and discovering your destiny!


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