Digging in the yard with FENG SHUI – Creating a Sacred Garden Space

Gardens have always been an important part of Chinese life. In FENG SHUI, we view the garden as an extension of our home. We believe that if we honor the space surrounding the building, it will bring auspicious energy to the inside of the structure. When we apply FENG SHUI to the exterior surroundings of our home, we will enhance the energy, making our space more desirable. It is important that we preserve and enhance the natural elements surrounding our homes. The area surrounding our home should be in harmony with nature. 

 When conducting a FENG SHUI consultation, I don’t look at the structure only, but I also look at the area that surrounds the home. This space is just as vital as the four walls and the roof.

Now that spring is approaching, it is a good time to look at your garden. You want your yard to compliment and balance the structure of your home. Your garden should capture the landscape and draw people into your home.  

Creating a sacred garden space helps to balance the energy of our home. Using FENG SHUI in the garden can increase our opportunities, strengthen relationships and bring us more abundance. We want to create a strong connection to our garden, by enhancing the energy of our environment. Gardens are a great place where we can connect with nature and enhance the natural energy.  When we create a strong connection between our home and our yard, we increase the vital Chi or energy surrounding that area.  We want to have some type of a personal touch in our gardens in order to create a strong bond.  This bond will increase the vital energy that surrounds our home.

 One way you can feel more connected to your garden is to plant items that you love. Being surrounded by the plants and flowers you adore can lift the energy of your home.  You can also plant flowers and trees that you remember as a child. Perhaps your childhood home had a beautiful willow tree in the yard and you loved hiding under the long draping branches. Or, you may recall a bed of beautiful golden daffodils blooming in your yard.  You can add your favorite fragrances like honeysuckle or lilac  to delight your senses.  You might even want to add your favorite color of flowers. Pick the colors that you love and inspire you. This creates a strong connection to your garden.  When you plant flowers and trees that have meaning, it increases the connection and the vital energy of your yard.

 When we honor and treat our gardens with respect, we can enhance the energy surrounding our home. This makes our environment desirable and the energy more beneficial. In FENG SHUI, we believe that if you lived in harmony with the living earth you would lead a life of abundance and happiness. We can attract good Chi or energy into our home by paying attention to the FENG SHUI in our garden. A garden can connect us with the earth and it can balance the energy of our home.  When we use the ancient principles of FENG SHUI, we can connect with the energy in our yard and create harmony both inside and outside our home.


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