FENG SHUI Holiday Gift Ideas

FENG SHUI Holiday Gift Ideas

At this time of the gift giving season there are certain gifts that can bring us FENG SHUI luck. When you select a present for someone, you want to choose something that reflects their personality. Make sure the gift has a personal touch that reflects the recipient’s individuality. This will ensure Good Luck for you and the recipient. Gifts don’t have to be expensive or elaborate in order to bring FENG SHUI luck. You want the gifts you give to have a special meaning and bring happiness and joy to the recipient.
1) Plants or flowers are a great choice, because in FENG SHUI we believe they bring us abundance and increase our wealth. Plants and flowers also keep us healthy, balanced and grounded. Some examples of good FENG SHUI plants are bamboo, jade and ivy. In addition to those plants, the Chinese believe Narcissus or Amaryllis bulbs bring good luck in the New Year.
2) Candles are another good gift to give because we use them up and they don’t create clutter. They keep us calm and brighten up our spaces. They can lift our spirits and warm up a dark and cold place. Candles are great way to incorporate aromatherapy into our environment.
3) Angels are a perfect gift because they are good for protection and can help keep us safe from negative energies. We can pass this feeling of security to our family and friends when we give them a gift of an angel. Angels are a nice way to let our loved ones know we are thinking of them and we are sending them special protection. 
4) Wind Chimes are one of my favorite gifts to give. Wind chimes represent abundance in FENG SHUI and we believe that they can help us to hold onto our wealth. The beautiful sound of the chimes activates the good Chi (energy) around our homes and breaks up the stagnant energy that may fill our space.
5) Gift Certificates are always a good choice because you can use them up and they don’t clutter your living space. Recipients can get exactly what they want or what they may need. When you give a gift card for a restaurant, movie or a special event you are giving more than a gift you are giving them memories to share and enjoy.
The thing to remember is to avoid giving gifts that will become clutter. It is important to give a gift that you have thought about and it reflects the recipient’s true tastes. If you do this, you know the gift will used and treasured.  If you make sure each gift will benefit the person you give it to, that in turn will bestow Good FENG SHUI Luck upon you. This will help make sure yourHoliday will be filled with lots of joy and happiness. I hope these suggestions help make your holiday shopping easier. May you enjoy this Holiday Season! 


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