Walking with REIKI

Last month I wrote about therapeutic drives and for this post, I decided to write about walking with REIKI. I find sending REIKI as I walk, is a way to make my walks more powerful and meaningful. REIKI is a Japanese healing method that uses a “laying on of hands” technique. It is based on the concept that the “Universal Life Force Energy” can flow through an attuned practitioner, to their client, by simply laying their hands on the individual. Reiki is a safe, simple, and natural system of healing.

REIKI is an effective way to reduce stress, promote relaxation and encourage healing. It has been effective in helping virtually every known illness from physical to psychological aliments. REIKI also works in conjunction with other medical techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery.

I use REIKI in my Environmental Healing practice. I project REIKI to set the tone and energy for the space before I give a personalized consultation. It is a way for me to send calming energy to a place before I enter. REIKI is a tool I use with my clients in order to break up stagnant energy and get beneficial energy flowing throughout their particular setting. I like to call it “Environmental REIKI”.

In addition to being a powerful tool used to balance an environment, I use REIKI everyday to balance and heal myself. I even charge my food and water with REIKI. There are situations like traffic jams or waiting in long lines when I like to send REIKI to get things moving. REIKI has many different uses besides just being a powerful tool to heal one’s body.

One day when I was walking, I started sending REIKI ahead and I discovered that it made for a more relaxing and enjoyable walk. My body seemed less tense and I walked with ease. I began to walk in rhythm and just floated along the path. I also noticed, where there were certain dogs that always barked at me, almost instantly they would quiet down. I use REIKI as a way to make my walks more effective. I found myself in more of a contemplative mood. I slowed down and enjoyed my walk. I discovered I walked farther with less stress on my body when I incorporated REIKI into my journey. REIKI makes walking more enjoyable and I find myself looking forward to the journey, instead of dreading it.

You might be wondering, “what if I am not attuned to REIKI?”. You don’t have to be attuned, to utilize this powerful energy. I tell people all the time to set your intention out into the Universe ahead of you. Ask that the spirit open you up to this powerful energy and allow the Universal Energy to flow through you. The difference between an attuned REIKI practitioner and someone who is not attuned is, the energy of a REIKI practitioner is stronger and the healing process can be quicker.

We all have the unique ability to heal ourselves. Think about when we get a headache, usually we hold our head. In essence, we are healing ourselves. Or when our stomach is upset, we grab our gut. It is a simple way to calm our bodies down and send healthy energy to the areas that are affecting us. We all have this healing ability; we just need to practice using this technique in order to increase the healing strength.

The next time you go for a walk, run or even a bike ride, think about using REIKI as a way to make your journey more powerful. Set an intention out ahead of you to insure that you will have a smooth trek. REIKI is a simple but effective way to make a walk more meaningful and enjoyable. REIKI is more than just a healing modality that you can use for your body. Remember you can send REIKI to an object, a particular situation or even your environment. I think you will find that this Japanese healing technique can transform your life!


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