Can driving be healthy?

Therapeutic Drives

My husband and I took a trip to Maryland this summer and we had the pleasure of driving on the National Pike or Route 40. As my husband drove, I gazed out the window and was in awe of nature’s beauty. I commented to him on how good I felt and how relaxed I was. This area of the Mid-Atlantic made for a therapeutic drive, because the area had such nourishing energy. I could literally feel the energy from the pine trees, the rich earth and the blue sky. I have been on other drives where I felt the powerful energy of nature. One time driving through the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee, I recall seeing a stream flowing down the mountain on the side of the road. I remember thinking how peaceful it was. The windows were open and fresh air was flowing through the car. I could smell the fresh mountain air and hear the stream bubbling through the woods. I remember how relaxing that ride was and trying to absorb all of the beneficial natural energy. Another time driving I remember through New Hampshire on the Kancamagus Highway or “The Kanc” as the locals refer to it. Every “switch back” left me breathless. I was in awe of the beauty and brilliant colors of this area. In every one of these places, I felt the power of nature and found it was easy to tap into the amazing energies these areas hold. It did not take long before I felt relaxed and calm. The next time you take a road trip, look at the different routes and check to see if there is a scenic path. Pick a route that will take you through nature so you can appreciate all its splendor and wonder.

I can take a couple of different routes on my drive home. One way is with buildings and concrete lining the road. The other drive is through a wonderful park system in Ohio nicknamed the Emerald Necklace. The Emerald necklace is a series of parks that outlines the city of Cleveland. It is one of the largest metropolitan park systems in the country and it is a natural treasure. I have the option of driving through this park on my way home, and I find the drive therapeutic for me. Just to slow down the pace of my car and drive through the area surrounded by lush trees and all of nature’s beauty; is moving for me. I like to roll down my windows, turn off the radio, let the fresh air in, and listen to the sounds of nature. This is a restorative ride for me. You might want to look at your commute. It does not have to be mundane and lifeless. Try to discover a new way home that will inspire you with nature. For those of you who spend hours in your car commuting, you might want to use this time to tap into nature’s amazing energy. On the other hand, you might even look forward to your drive home.

You may not think of driving as being therapeutic, but you can make the journey a healthy one. Certain routes can help you to slow down, relax and enjoy nature’s offerings. If you take the right road, it can be therapeutic. It doesn’t matter if the path is in some exotic destination or right in your own backyard. Therapeutic drives can be found anywhere. The power of nature is simple yet amazing. Instead of looking at your drives as a chore, look for roads that can restore your body, mind and spirit. You might even discover the best part of your trip is the journey. I would love to hear from you about any of your therapeutic journeys. What drives would you suggest? Email me at:


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