What is your Personal Design Style?

Much has been written about finding our personal decorating style.  We all have a particular style that we like. Our style is formed by our experiences.  If you grew up surrounded by traditional furnishings, chances are that when you get the opportunity to decorate your personal space, you will choose traditional furnishings.  Now your furniture may not look like the exact same as your earlier surroundings, but they may have similar feel to it. You might prefer an updated traditional style rather than the standard traditional feel. However, you just might have a traditional flare to your decorating style.

 There are different stages to our decorating style. The same things we loved five years ago are not the same items we love today. Our tastes in furnishings change as our experiences change. For example, let’s say you traveled toGreeceorItalyand you were inspired by the styles and the colors of theMediterranean.  When you return, you might want to add some of those spice colors or exotic furnishing that reflects that region of the world. Our tastes evolve as we experience new events in our life.

 Eventually we grow into our style. As we mature and learn more about ourselves and our likes and dislikes our personal style emerges. For some of us it takes longer but eventually, we discover our style and learn to embrace it. We can flip through a home design magazine and instinctively pick out the rooms that appeal to us. We will choose the rooms that feel comfortable to us. We just know in our gut what feels right. That is our personal style emerging. If we stay true, to these feelings then it will be easy for us to choose our furnishings. I remember an antique dealer telling me “that it doesn’t really matter what you buy. Buy the items that resonate with you and make you feel good”. I still use that advice today.  Don’t buy an object because of the price tag or because a designer recommended it. Buy an item because you like it. That is a way of forming your own personal style. Honor your true preferences and you can’t go wrong.

 Before I buy anything, I ask myself “do I love this item?” If I truly don’t love the object then I don’t buy it. I have found that if I buy an item just to buy it quickly, I learn not to appreciate it. When I choose an object that I love, then I rarely tire of it. I seem to appreciate it more than if I just bought the first thing I find. I often tell my clients this. I give suggestions to items they might want to purchase in order to adjust the energy of their space. I explain to them that I am giving them a suggestion, but when it comes to purchasing this item, they have to love it. I tell them not to buy something just because I told them to buy it. Buy the item because they honestly enjoy the beauty of the object. Now, it might take longer than just running out and buying the first thing we see, but it is worth the wait to have an object that truly inspires us and makes us feel good about ourselves.

 Take the time to look at your own personal furnishings. Does your style align with your current preferences? Look around your home to see if you are surrounded by the items that truly inspire and motivate you. If not, maybe this is the time to take a personal inventory and review what your preferences are. Spend time in your space and see how it feels to you. Are you comfortable spending time in your home? Do you like to spend time there? These are just a couple questions that you can ask yourself to see if you are aligned with your desires. If you don’t enjoy being in your home then this might be the time to review your space and remove any objects that are not serving a purpose. Take the time to discover your own personal style and embrace it!


One thought on “What is your Personal Design Style?

  1. Cara,
    I found the article helpful and interesting. I could definitely relate in terms of renewing my bedroom/clothing wardrobe. It has taken awhile to get to this point. I recall purchasing a lot of things because of the price not because I loved it. Therefore, I told myself even if I have to pay a little more just get what I love. I understand the universe has a way to attract something better. I feel cleansed far as decluttering my clothing wardrobe. It truely to some extend did not reflect me.

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