Principles to Success

First is a man’s Destiny,

Second is his Luck

Third is his FENG SHUI,

Fourth is his Virtue

Fifth is his Knowledge.

According to the Chinese, there are five core principles that create a successful life. The first principle is our destiny. Some people seem destined for greatness. It doesn’t mean just because we are destined for one thing, that we can’t transform our lives. According to William Jennings Bryan  “Destiny is no matter of chance. It is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for; it is a thing to be achieved“.  We can change our future no matter where we started.  We have heard the stories of people coming from nothing and making it big. We might know someone who had a terrible childhood and emerged as a strong and successful person. We do have the potential to alter our destiny.

The second principle is luck. We all know someone who is lucky. We often make comments such as “you are so lucky” or “what a lucky dog”. Some of us do have more luck than others, but it doesn’t mean we will be unsuccessful. Samuel Goldwyn once said; “The harder I work, the luckier I get”.  This means we might have to work harder than others to get the same results. We know if we want something, it may take a little longer to come to fruition. Luck is just one piece in the puzzle of life and it is just one part of our future.
The third part of the proverb is FENG SHUI. Now FENG SHUI may not be the most important part of this proverb, but it does play a role in our future. I believe that the way we honor and recognize the energy of a particular place has a powerful affect on our lives. FENG SHUI is a way in which we can modify our surroundings, to improve our current situations. When we study how the energy flows through a particular place and use that beneficial energy to transform our lives, we can improve our future by honoring the energy of our environment.

The fourth principle is virtue. Our values and principles shape our future. How we live our lives and carry ourselves has an affect on how our lives will enfold. If we desire to have more meaning in our lives, then we need to honor the spirit of everyone. Our virtues are traits that build our foundation for good moral living. Personal virtues are qualities that promote the well-being of our community and ourselves.

The last principle is knowledge. Wisdom is the key to changing our life. If we want to improve our lives then we need education to transform. Knowledge is the key to opening doors and expanding our circle.  We never want to stop learning. People often say “I am too old to learn” or “I have had enough of school”.  Education comes in many forms and is not always found in a classroom. Some of the greatest lessons in life come from our everyday experiences. It is important that if we want to evolve, we need to be constantly learning, growing and exploring.

When we put these five core principles together, they make the ideal combination of what we need to succeed. Each piece makes for the perfect package.  We do have control over our future and we can use these principles to transform our lives.  Our own efforts will produce our own results.   We can honor the energy of our environment in order to transform our lives. We do have control over our own destiny.  Now we might have more luck than our neighbor or our neighbor might be more knowledgeable. It doesn’t matter.  We can use the principles as a guide to motivate us to reshape our future!


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