Envision Your Destiny through FENG SHUI

Vision boards are a popular tool and have become better known since 2006, when “The Secret” was published. They are a great way to create our future with the power of images. Vision Boards are a way for us to physically set our intentions out into the Universe in order for our dreams to come true.


I view FENG SHUI as a Living Vision Board. It is a physical interpretation of a vision board. FENG SHUI is about setting our intentions out into the Universe and having our desires come to fruition.  I tell my clients that if you intend to change your life, then your life will change. I explain that when they call me for a consultation they have already taken the first step in creating their new life. If you want your circumstances to change then they will. Change can take longer for some than others. Transformation will work with the right attitude and a strong desire to make a change.  For over 3000 years FENG SHUI has helped many people transform their lives, and you can use these same ancient principles today.  Surround yourself with the items that you want; in order to create the life you desire.

For example, you might be seeking more creativity in your life. Maybe you are working on that book or a highly creative project that you need some help with. You want your environment to reflect your creative desires. Surround yourself with whimsical items or books by authors that inspire you. Place objects around that will motivate you and get your creative juices flowing. What you are saying to the Universe is “I need more creativity in my life and I am ready for the inspiration”.

Maybe you are looking for more recognition in your career. Do you feel like you are working hard and you are not being noticed for all of your efforts? Highlight your life and your talents. In my office, I have my name written in Chinese calligraphy. It is a way of telling the Universe that I am a student of the powerful Chinese philosophy known as FENG SHUI. It is a beautiful display of artwork as well as a way to bring recognition to my career.

You might have a desire to travel. So why not display images from the places you want to visit. Or, surround yourself with objects from these exotic destinations. You should display the pictures and souvenirs from these magical places. This simple exercise will motivate you to plan that special trip and put your ideas in motion. For the longest time I wanted to go to Hawaii, so I collected travel brochures and articles on the beautiful islands of Hawaii. My husband thought I was crazy and kept telling me we could not afford to go on such an expensive trip until we retire.  That did not stop me. I was going to Hawaii before I retire. Months later, a very dear friend of mine offered me a free trip to Hawaii! I believe setting my intention out into the Universe and reinforcing it with images and maps helped to seal the deal.  

It is important if we desire to transform our lives that we need to surround ourselves with objects that will raise our energy and reinforce our personal desires. FENG SHUI not only helps to adjust the energy of a particular space, but it can also improve our position in life. FENG SHUI has long held a tradition of being a philosophy of improving our destiny and we can instill these ideas into our lives today.  When we reinforce our intentions with physical objects and images our dreams can take root and grow. Using FENG SHUI as a living vision board is a simple but effective way to bring our goals to life!


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