The Celestial Animals of FENG SHUI

There are many schools of thought in FENG SHUI; and the original school of FENG SHUI is the Form School. The principles of the Form School are based on the formation of the land. It is believed that the way the land forms around a structure can make a building more auspicious. In the Form School, the land is studied and then it is determined how a structure should be placed. The ideal location is having mountains behind your home for protection and a river in front bringing in the positive energy and carrying out the negative Chi.  In addition to the natural elements in the front and back of your home, you want to have rolling hills on the sides surrounding your home.  Today we may not have those particular natural resources to surround our home.  However, we can use the Celestial animals of FENG SHUI to fill this purpose.  The celestial animals are the Phoenix, Dragon, Tiger, and Tortoise.  If you are facing the front of your home, you want to picture the Phoenix down at your front door. The Dragon to the right, the Tiger to left and the Tortoise just behind your home provides added safety. You can place an image or a statue of these scared animals in your home or even your yard. In my home, I have a statue of a dragon on the right side of my home.  I also have an image of a phoenix tucked inside in my front door. In my backyard garden, I have a couple of turtles and tortoises.  By placing these images and statues around my home, I am honoring the ancient energies of these animals. I am creating sacred land formations to make up for the lack of the natural formations that the Chinese used thousands of years ago.

Animals have special energies associated with them. Often celestial animals are used for their protective abilities.  There are specific attributes that are connected to each animal. For example, the Phoenix represents fame, opportunity and it will help you to find success. As well as being a protector, the Phoenix has the ability to heal our wounds and make us invincible.

The Dragon symbolizes wisdom and creativity. This celestial animal is full of energy and is associated with activity. You want to make sure you place the Dragon in an area where there is a lot of activity, a place in which you want to achieve your goals. The Dragon will assist you in accomplishing your tasks and bringing success. Avoid placing a Dragon in your bedroom or places where you intend to rest. The Dragon may be too much energy for such a place.  But, the Dragon can help you accomplish your dreams.

The Tiger represents courage and patience. It is also considered as the protector of the dead. The tiger is used for protection around gravesites to insure peace and protection for the dead. This celestial animal is known for warding off disasters and fire. The Tiger can also provide protection from thieves.

According to FENG SHUI, the Tortoise is one of the most sacred animals. The Chinese have long believed the tortoise to have a special significance.  The Bagua or the energy map that is used in FENG SHUI is based on the shell of the Tortoise. It is even believed that the image of the Bagua was first discovered on the back of the Tortoise.  These celestial beings are believed to be the roots of FENG SHUI. Besides being great for protection, they are a powerful source of strength. The Tortoise can enhance your career as well as attract new business. It provides grounding energy necessary for success.

Even though we may not have the soft rolling mountains in our backyard, or the bubbling stream running in front of our home, we can use these ancient Celestial animals of FENG SHUI to set our intentions and energies. We can make up for what Mother Nature has not given us. That is the beauty of FENG SHUI. We may not always have the ideal situations, but we can use these ancient Celestial Animals to adjust the energy.  We can use the Celestial animals as a way to protect, enhance and strengthen us and our surroundings!


3 thoughts on “The Celestial Animals of FENG SHUI

  1. Hi Cara,
    When you say, “facing the front of your home,” are you inside the house or outside? This makes the difference between right and left sides. Thanks for your response in advance.


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