FENG SHUI for a Successful Workspace

Applying the principles of FENG SHUI to our offices is a popular topic. I have had many requests for FENG SHUI consultations in businesses and offices this year. FENG SHUI can play an important role in our workspaces. We need to have an environment that supports and encourages our businesses to be successful.  It is important to address the energy of our work places to ensure success in our career. It doesn’t matter if we work in an office or if we work out of our home. We want our work area to be filled with healthy energy that motivates and inspires us to success.

The first thing we want to address in our office is the position of the desk. We look for a commanding position or what we call the power position. The power position is when we have a solid wall behind us and a view of the doorway, but are not in direct line of the entryway. This placement will ensure that we have the stability of a wall behind us, at the same time we will be aware when someone enters our workspace.  Having the proper position of our desk will give us the confidence and energy to perform our work effectively.  It can be as simple as having our desk in the power position, which makes all the difference in our workspace.

Next, you want to surround yourself with items and artwork that will instill success, confidence and inspiration. Your office is the perfect place to display objects of achievement. You want to hang up those certificates, awards or that special acknowledgment, to let your clients know of your expertise and your area of specialization.  Your office should reflect your industry. If you are in the financial field, you want to have images of wealth and money, to let your clients know you are serious about investing their money. Maybe your area of expertise is in the health and wellness industry. Try to incorporate pictures of a healthy and vibrant lifestyle. On the other hand, maybe your business is more creative such as a writer, hair stylist or an artist.  You want to have lots of color and whimsical items that portray your ability to create masterpieces.

Lastly, try to incorporate plants in our work area. Plants are a powerful tool in bringing balance to any space. However, they are especially effective in our offices. We are surrounded by many different electronic devices, and plants help to neutralize the electromagnet field associated with these devices. There are many sharp corners in our offices as well, and plants help to soften those harsh edges. Plants clean the air and revitalize the feel of any workspace. They are a great away to add a piece of nature to our offices. When we have a part of nature in our indoor environments, it helps us to feel balanced, calm and healthy.

In order to have a successful work environment, we need to be surrounded by healthy and vibrant energy. Our offices and workspaces should reflect our industry, achievements and the intentions of our business. FENG SHUI is a great way to do just that. By applying these concepts to our modern businesses, we can enhance the positive energy and increase our success. When we blend these ancient principles of FENG SHUI with our intentions, we will create that atmosphere that leads to our success!


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