Foundations for Good Health

We are connected to our environment, and our homes should be that link between our physical body and our surroundings. If we don’t have a healthy atmosphere to live, then we can’t live a healthy lifestyle. Our homes are foundations for good health.  A healthy home gives us energy and stability. We need that healthy foundation to build upon. We need to be surrounded by spaces that helps our well-being and encourages good health. Our homes should do more than just protect us from the outside world. They should nourish our spirit, reflect our dreams and inspire our aspirations.

Our home ought to be a place where we can rest, relax and restore our bodies. Just as our physical body needs a check- up, so does our environment. We should review our environment to see if there are aliments that may be affecting our spaces.  Reviewing a building as a body is not a new concept. For centuries, temples and places of worship have been referred to in a human form. European cathedrals were designed to reflect a human with outstretched arms. In the Hindu culture, the body is referred to being in the shape of a temple; as a way to bring man closer to God. If we think of our home as a representation of the human body, it gives us a better understanding of the ancient art of FENG SHUI.

If we begin with the most important part of our house, it would be the front door. The front door is the mouth of the house.  This is where all the energy or Chi enters the homes and exits the space. We want to make sure that the front door is in good working order and that there is nothing blocking that beneficial Chi from entering the space. Ideally, we want to be able to see the front door from the street.  We want to highlight the front entryway. Have something by the front door that captures the attention of that good energy or Chi. For example, a wreath on the front door, potted plants positioned on the front porch or good lighting accenting the area will ensure that we capture the positive energy and utilize its powerful forces.

The most important appliance in the home is the stove.  The stove sustains our life and keeps us healthy.  We want to make sure our stove is in good working order.  It should be clean and free of clutter. We want to be able to open the door without it banging into something else. The stove represents abundance in FENG SHUI.  If we want to increase our wealth, we should make sure our stove is properly taken care of. There is a cure in FENG SHUI. If we want to double our abundance, we can place a mirror over our burners. The burners represent the wealth, to our stove so we can double that wealth energy by placing a reflective object over the burners that double’s the positive energy. We want to honor the powerful energy that the fires of FENG SHUI can ignite for us!

The most important piece of furniture is the bed. This is where we rest our head. Our bed is where we can restore our body’s energy. It is important that we have a comfortable place to sleep. Our bedroom should be restful and relaxing. You only want to sleep in your bedroom. You shouldn’t have a desk, exercise equipment or an excess of electronics in the bedroom. Our bedrooms should be boring. So boring that all we want to do is sleep in the space. I know that can be hard because we have become accustom to using our bedrooms for more than just sleeping. You want to pick colors that are soothing and restful. Muted tones and softer shades will ensure a good night of sleep. If we honor the energy in our bedrooms, then we will reap the benefits of a restful night’s sleep.

These are just a few examples of how we can utilize the principles of FENG SHUI to bring balance to our surroundings. If we have stability in our environment, then we will have a balance in our lives, and in our physical bodies. We want to honor our living space.  We can utilize the beneficial energy or Chi that surrounds our space in order to ensure harmony in our lives.

Our home should be a place where we can get away from the outside world.  Our body needs a place where we can restore the energy.  Our home should be a place where we can rest and relax. Using FENG SHUI effectively can accomplish just that!


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