Elemental Balance with FENG SHUI

Couldn’t we all use a little more balance in our life? One of the easiest ways to bring balance to our environment is through use of the Five Elemental Theory of FENG SHUI. In FENG SHUI, if we have a balance of the five key elements in our homes and yards, then we will be assured of balance in our lives. FENG SHUI is a way to study the energy flow of a particular location, tap into the vital energy, and utilize the energized forces to improve our lives. We can use the Five Key Elements of FENG SHUI as a way to bring balance to our surroundings.


The five key elements of FENG SHUI are water, wood, fire, metal and earth. We can use the actual element or the color that represents that element. We can also use an image of the element or the shape that symbolizes the element. If we begin with water, we could have a fountain or something black, which is the color that represents the water aspect. An image of a flowing river, or something that has an abstract shape with flowing lines, like waves on water would also symbolize the water element. If we look at the element of wood, anything made of wood can suffice as the wood component. The color green symbolizes the wood element, a rectangular shape, or an image of trees and plants can represent the wood component. Another key element is fire. We could have the actual element, for example a candle or any light fixture. The color red represents fire. A picture of a roaring fire or something in the shape of a triangle would also symbolize fire. Another element is metal and anything made from metal would represent the metal facet. The color white represents the metal element and the shape for metal is anything circular. The last element is the earth element. We could incorporate something made from the earth such as; stoneware, pottery or ceramic tiles. The color yellow, earth tones or anything in the shape of a square represents the earth element.

If we look at our living room, we could have a picture of a waterfall for the water component. We could incorporate wood furniture to represent the wood element. Candles or any lighting fixture could symbolize the fire aspect. Fabric with circular patterns would represents the metal element and beige carpet symbolizing the earth aspect, would bring balance to the room. When we put all of the five key elements into our space, we can balance the energy and bring a sense of harmony to our environment.  


We look for a balance of these five elements in our homes and gardens. When we have all of the five key elements, we will have a balance of this vital energy. The balance of this essential energy brings success and good luck. The philosophy of FENG SHUI is that if we have balance in our environments, then we will have balance in our lives. Balance ensures good luck and happiness. The goal in FENG SHUI is to have a balance of the five key elements in our homes and our yards. So, we might want to try to integrate the Five Elemental Theory to our environments, to ensure success and happiness!


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