Fashion and FENG SHUI

When we think of FENG SHUI and its principles, we usually picture applying these concepts to our environments.  However, we can apply these same principles to what we wear.  FENG SHUI is the ancient Chinese art of design placement. An environmental art uses geography, interior design and common sense to improve our surroundings. It is also a way to study the energy flow of a particular location, tap into the positive energy, and utilize the forces to improve our life.

It is easy to apply the principles of FENG SHUI to our wardrobe, by using the Five Elemental Theory of FENG SHUI. In FENG SHUI, we believe that if you want to balance your environment you must have a balance of the five key elements. The five key elements of FENG SHUI are water, wood, fire, metal and earth. We can use the actual element, the color that represents that element, an image of the element or the shape that symbolizes the element. If we begin with water, we could have; a water fountain, something black, which is the color that represents the water element, a picture of a waterfall, or something that has an abstract shape with flowing lines. Another one of the five key elements is fire. We could have the actual element, for example, a fireplace, the color red that symbolizes fire, a picture of a candle or something in the shape of a triangle. All of these items would represent the element of fire. We look for a balance of these five elements in homes, gardens and even our wardrobe. When we have all of the five key elements, we will have a balance of this vital energy. The balance of this vital energy brings success and confidence.

For our wardrobe, we can apply these same principles. We can try to incorporate all of the five elements of FENG SHUI into our outfit. For example, we could have black shoes representing the water element, green pants for the wood element, a sweater with a triangle pattern for the element of fire, a yellow blouse for the earth element and silver jewelry symbolizing the metal element. When we wear all of the five key elements, we are balancing the energy surrounding our body and allowing this vital energy to flow around us.

The beauty of FENG SHUI is that not all of the elements have to be visible. In FENG SHUI, it is as much about our intention as it is about what is seen.  We can layer our elements. We may have floral undergarments for the earth element or white socks to symbolize the metal element completely out of view from our public appearance. We could even wear a pair of wooden clogs to add the wood element to our outfit. We can use purses, belts and hair accessories to incorporate the Five Elemental Theory to our wardrobe as well.

In FENG SHUI, we believe that if you have balance in your environment then you will have balance in your life. Balance ensures good luck, happiness and confidence. The goal in FENG SHUI is to have a balance of the five key elements in our homes and our wardrobes.  When we have a balance of the five key elements then we will be surrounded by this vital energy. So, you might want to try and integrate the Five Elemental Theory to your wardrobe to ensure success and confidence!


2 thoughts on “Fashion and FENG SHUI

  1. Cara,
    Happy Thanksgiving! I read your most recent article about Feng Shui and Fashion. I really enjoyed it and found it very helpful. I kinda of understand why I may have felt postive when I wear certain things. For example: My work dress code is black. Therefore, I always try to make sure I have some color “on” while wearing the black dress code. Do you have any suggestions for the black dress code?

    In addition, I may have mention – I have narrowed my personal wardrobe to functional attire. Basically, I own pieces I wear regularly. This was due to having attire I did not wear, loss weight, and did not reflect me as a person. I am currently in the process of rebuilding my wardrobe. Can you offer suggestions? I love accessories.

    Thank you

    • Ceylon,
      I think you have the right idea by adding color to an all black wardrobe. There needs to be a punch of color somewhere in our outfits if not we will not be noticed. I would add items that you absolutely love and look great on your body type. I know when I am shopping I only buy the items I truely love and look great on me. I ask myself do you love this item and do you look good in it? If not I put it back. I hope that helps answer your question. If you need additional help check out Traci McBride she is an image consultant and very versed in wardrobe selection and image consulting. McBee Image Consulting. Thanks for your response.

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