How Clean is your Space?

One of the most important principles of FENG SHUI is cleanliness. In FENG SHUI, cleanliness is a way to show respect for your environment. If you live in a place that is filled with clutter and dirt, you probably don’t respect your surroundings. Maintaining your home requires respect. You must honor the space in which you live, appreciating the benefits of that particular space.

There are different kinds of cleansing in FENG SHUI. One way of cleansing an area is physically cleaning the space. Cleansing is as simple as wiping the dust away or polishing an item so that it will sparkle and shine. Another way of cleaning may be what we call spiritual cleansing. Objects and environments can accumulate negative energies from different people and places. It is important in FENG SHUI that we cleanse our environment, items, and our bodies. It is a good idea to purge the negative energy from a particular space. If we do not cleanse our home on a regular basis then harmful energy will build up. This build up of harmful energy can affect our lives. If we are surrounded with objects that have negative energies attached to them and our environment is filled with bad energy, this bad energy will have a negative effect on our lives. For example; we may experience health problems, loss of a job or strained relationships do to negative energy that surrounds us. This inauspicious energy has a way of leaching the healthy energy we need.

There are different ways in which you can spiritually clean an environment. One of the most common ways is to burn sacred incense, white sage or sweetgrass. Incense is used in churches and temples to break up the stagnant energy and allow fresh energy to enter a place. In FENG SHUI, we use incense to cleanse our spaces. Aromatherapy is a powerful tool used in FENG SHUI to move out the stale energy and allow new energy into a space. When you use fragrance to cleanse your home you are not only clearing out your home, but you can clear out your mind. Scent is a powerful way in which you can remove stale energy in your environment as well as in your body.  Sound is another way to remove negative energy. You can use chimes, a singing bowl or even a drum to break up the old energy and allow new energy to flow. It can be as simple as walking around your home with musical chimes to break up stagnant energy.  You can clear away the old energy allowing fresh new energy into the space. Lastly, sea salt can be used as a way of cleansing. Sea salt has powerful cleansing properties that allow residual energy to release from a particular object. One of the best ways of using sea salt as a cleansing agent is to sprinkle salt around the outside of your home. Start by facing your front door and walk in a clockwise direction making a complete circle of your home. Sea salt is a barrier and serves as protection from negative energy entering your home. It is a good idea to use a sea salt cleansing ritual when you are moving into a new home or office. These are just a few ways in which you can cleanse your environment and insure that your space will be filled with positive energy!

No matter what method you choose to clean your environment of unwanted energy, it is important that you honor your living space. Applying these methods will help you to appreciate your home. Ideally you want to purify the energy of your space at least twice a year. This will insure that you will keep the negative energy out of your environment. Once you learn to respect your surroundings then you can benefit from the positive energy that will flow throughout your home.


4 thoughts on “How Clean is your Space?

  1. Cara,
    Hello. The “How Clean Is Your Space?” was an excellent article. It offered me reminders to maintain the “cleaniness” in my living space.
    However, as you well understand I have made “Decluttering” a lifestyle. I have been “Decluttering” since 2004. It was due to several reasons: items owned did not reflect me as a person -therefore I have been working on establishing it, dealt with personal challenges-therefore, I felt it was a need to connect with things and stuff-no longer, and I was interest in opening a resale shop, but attic got overwhelmed and I did not want to attract other people’s stuff.
    Awhile, I have been at a point of Life Transitions. Therefore, do you have any suggestions in attracting the things I desire. For example: I have totally decluttered bedroom and clothing wardrobe. I hope to attract these things and others in my life. How can I start especially if I may be challenged financially.
    I thank you.

    • Ceylon,
      Sorry this is so late getting back to you. I overlooked the message and apologize for the tardiness. The one thing I would keep in mind when bringing in new items to your space is make sure you absolutely love and adore the item. This goes for clothes, accessories and items in general. When I pick up an item to buy I ask myself do I love this blouse, sweater or picture frame, etc…I check to see if I really need them item as well. Is it a want or need to me? If I truly need this item I make sure that I love it before I bring it into my home!

      • Cara,
        I thank you for responding. I had forgot about the message. However, I appreciate the insight you offered. I am definitely keeping those remarks in mind. Please take care and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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