Capture the Wisdom and Knowledge of FENG SHUI

 At this time of year, students and teachers are going back to the classroom.  It makes me think of a principle in FENG SHUI known as the Knowledge and Self-Cultivation sector.  This is a perfect time for me to write about the Knowledge and Self-Cultivation energy in our homes and workspaces. You may be thinking about taking a class, learning a new language or wanting to retain more information. If this is the case, then you might want to improve the energy in your environment to reflect this powerful force.

There are certain items in FENG SHUI that represent knowledge and self-cultivation.  For example; books, an image of an elephant or a representation of a mountain, will further develop your knowledge. When you surround yourself with these particular objects, you can increase your wisdom. Books are commonly associated with deepening your wisdom.  It is easy to add books to your surroundings. There are books on every topic and subject so hopefully you can find some that peak your interest. Books are even great to use as a decorating accessory.  You can display books in your living spaces as objects of art. I know in my own home, I love to exhibit books throughout my environment. Books inspire and motivate me to expand my knowledge.

Another simple way of increasing our knowledge is to add images of elephants to our environments. You might ask why elephants? Well, elephants are believed to be one of the most intelligent animals and they have a great memory. Elephants are a sacred animal in FENG SHUI and bring good luck. By placing elephants into our spaces they not only bring us luck, but they can help us to retain information. I always like to have an elephant in my office, to insure that I capture this powerful energy and good luck.

Lastly, we might want to incorporate an image of a mountain or an object made from a mountain. For example, a granite paperweight, a marble desk accessory or a figurine made of stone. Mountains have a special meaning in FENG SHUI. Mountains bring us closer to the heavens and closer to enlightenment. Sages and religious elders have always gone to the top of the mountain to be enlightened and to gather powerful information. We can use this same concept by incorporating the mountain energy into our spaces. 

These are just a few ways you can increase your knowledge and self-cultivation in your environment. FENG SHUI can help you to increase this powerful energy and help you to retain information.  Therefore, as people are gearing up for the new school year, this is the perfect opportunity for you to ramp up your self-cultivation and for you to increase your knowledge so may September be a month where you gain the wisdom you desire!


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