Color Your World!

There is an old Petula Clark song called “Color My World”.  She sings “take the green from the grass and blue from the sky up above … just color my world.”  Well in Feng Shui you can color your world. Color is an important tool used in Feng Shui to adjust and improve your surroundings. At this time of year, when nature’s colors are starting to bloom all around, it is a good time to look at the colors that surround you.  You can use color to change situations in your life. Color has multiple meanings and interpretations. In Feng Shui certain colors are used to enhance your surroundings and improve your life aspirations. 

One area everybody seems to need help with is wealth and abundance. We could all use some more money in our lives. By incorporating the color purple into our environment, we can honor the energy of money and draw it into our life. Purple has long been associated with royalty because the pigment was hard to create. Because the color purple was rare, it was often reserved for monarchs. People knew those who were of royal decent because of the purple garments they wore. Today we can use purple in our homes and yards to increase our wealth. We can add purple accents around our home to sprinkle the abundance throughout our life. This is the perfect time of year to plant purple flowers. We could put some purple salvia in our front yard to draw the wealth into our lives or you can plant pansy blooms in the back yard to hold onto our wealth.

Another area people always ask me to help them with is their career. The color in Feng Shui associated with one’s career is black or a deep dark blue. So if you are looking to improve your career, want to get promoted or you just need helping finding a job; you might want to incorporate the color black into your environment. A great place to start with using the color black is your office or desk. Try using black desk accessories or replace your old briefcase with a black one, to ignite the career energies in your life.

You might want to improve your relationships or spark some romance. If that is the case then you can add some romantic colors to your space. For example, lovely pink or soft lavender can invoke the feelings of love and romance to your bedroom. You can even plant those same romantic colored flowers in your yard to fire up the energy of love. Just by sending your romantic intentions into the universe will ensure healthy relationships in every area of your life.

No matter how you want to change your life or improve some aspect of life, you can use color as a tool to adjust the energy and invoke healthy energy in your environment. So the next time you go out in nature, notice the colors that surround you and remember you can always COLOR YOUR WORLD!


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