Living in respect with Nature’s Rhythms

Nature is connected by cycles that keep the earth in balance. These cycles helps us to stay grounded. When we honor these cycles it makes it easier for our bodies, mind and environment to stay balanced.  There is a rhythm to each day. The sun rises in the beginning of the day, preparing us for the day ahead. The sun sets in the evening, letting us know that nature is winding down for the day.  A common cycle like a sunrise and sunset are powerful in giving us direction in our day.  Without this simple cycle, we would feel lost and off schedule. By our nature we need to know when a period ends and another begins.  The simple act of enjoying a sunrise or sunset may be all we need to stay balanced. Even the moon cycles around the earth once a month. If we look at the moon, it grows and waxes to reach the full moon only to wane back to the new moon. The moon cycle can be a powerful force in keeping our nights in balance.

There are other cycles in nature that can help us stay balanced and connected to these powerful forces. If we look at the four seasons, they serve as a reminder that one period will end and another time of the year begins. One way of staying connected to the earth and the powerful energy is being aware of the four seasons. The change of the seasons helps us to stay balanced and increases the connection we have to the earth. We can go further and honor each of the seasons by eating the foods that are common to that season. For example, we want to eat apples in the fall when they are harvested and come from our own area. We might want to eat tomatoes when they ripen in late summer. By eating the foods that are regionally in- season, we insure that the foods are fresh and local. You will enjoy the tangy flavors that you can only get from fresh fruits and vegetables that are found right in your own area.

Another way we can honor the cycles of nature is to exercise, and by getting out and enjoying the current season. So in the warmer months we want to try and swim, bike and hike outside. Then in the colder months we might want to ski, skate or sled in the snow. Try and honor the winter season by appreciating the gifts of nature. Take a walk in the fall as the leaves are changing colors.  Or, sit by the ocean, or a lake in the spring to appreciate the freshness of water. The waters of the world also have a rhythm that they follow.  Look at how the tide rises throughout the day only to fall back again, to finish up the cycle of water in nature.

All of these cycles found in nature help us to realize the importance of having a beginning and an end. Cycles in nature prepare us for upcoming changes. They balance our own energy centers and make us feel more connected to the environment. When we honor these cycles we will develop a path. This path will help us to smoothly move throughout our day. Instead of trying to work against the events of the day we are honoring nature and her powerful forces. When we work with the energy in nature we will benefit from its powerful force. This force will help us to feel more grounded and balanced.  When we honor the seasons and the rhythms of the day, we learn to respect nature. When we respect nature’s cycles, we are living in harmony with our natural environment. This in turn, will increase the natural benefits of our environment.


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