Connecting to the Earth

As spring begins to peak its head back into our lives, now is a perfect time to connect with the earth’s natural energies.  The blanket of snow that once covered us is now melted; making way for the green grass to emerge.  The naked branches have buds forming on them, giving us a sign of new life. The season of spring can invigorate us as life returns to our outdoor environments. It is important that we stay connected to the earth’s energy. This energy is a powerful force that can heal our bodies, bring balance to our lives and make us feel grounded.

 The earth’s energy has a way of calming us, relaxing us, and revitalizing our bodies. So it is important that we tap into this force in nature to benefit us.  In FENG SHUI we utilize the positive energy of a particular space to transform our surroundings.  We can do the same thing with the earth’s natural energy by utilizing this force in nature to improve our bodies and environments.

One of the easiest ways to connect to the earth’s energy is to spend time in nature.  As spring starts to blossom in our midst, this is the time to tap into the earth’s beneficial energies.  We can literally go out and walk upon the land.  Just planting our bare feet on the ground allows our bodies to absorb the powerful life force that nature has buried beneath the surface.  Another thing we can do is take time to breathe. Breathe in the fresh air that fills our lungs and revitalizes our own bodies.  Or we can just lean up against a tree. Trees are an important part of our environment.  In FENG SHUI we view trees as the lungs of the planet. They clean the air and keep our outdoor spaces healthy.  We can tap into these powerful forces by just sitting next to a tree and absorb the powerful energy into our body.

Now we can use these same principles and apply them to our living spaces. It can be as easy as letting nature into our own indoor environments. Open up the curtains and let the sunlight stream into our spaces. Crack a window to let the fresh air flow inside.

It is important in FENG SHUI to have natural sunlight and fresh air, enter our spaces.  They work as a cure to push out stale energy and make way for a fresh new feeling.  Their forces move the stagnant energy that has been building up in our spaces all winter long.  Another thing you can do is bring a piece of nature indoors.  It could be a bouquet of flowers, a healthy plant or just some unique branches.  By allowing these forces of nature to come into our living spaces we are allowing this powerful energy to revitalize us and renew us.

Spring is the time of year to open our bodies and our homes to the vital energy in nature. We can allow for these forces to transform our surroundings and even our own bodies. This gives us a fresh approach to the start of the season of spring.


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