$omething $imple

Would you like to live more environmentally conscious?

     We can live a life of simplicity, use organic materials and reuse the items we already own.  By incorporating the philosophy of wabi sabi into our lives we can create environmental harmony. Wabi sabi is the ancient Japanese aesthetic that incorporates simple uncluttered spaces, rustic furnishings and natural materials.  It is an ancient lesson that we can use today to live more friendly with the environment. When we recycle, we reduce the consumption of goods and become more “Sustainable”.  This is a great way to save some money.  When we use the principles of wabi sabi we can learn to appreciate what we currently have and use items we already own.

      I like to call it “Shopping in your own Home”. Take a look around your home and see what you already have on hand.  Now try and find a new place or a different use for those items.  It could be a painting that you have always displayed in your dining room. Try changing things up and put it in your bedroom or a hallway.  Maybe you have a table in your living room and you have always used it as an end table?  You could use the table in your office or in your bedroom as a night table.  

      We might think we need more items in our homes but that may not be case.  We may have these items on hand and just need to find new places for them. Sometimes it just takes a little rearranging to open up a space or give an existing room a new look. What do you have tucked away in storage that you could use and incorporate into your home? Instead of always buying something new, try and find that buried treasure that you can bring out and display.  This is a great way in which you can give a fresh new look without spending any money.  Now doesn’t that sound like a great idea at this time when most of us are looking for ways to save a little green?  At the same time you will be reducing your need for more items and lowering your own carbon footprint. This is “$omething $imple” that we can do to reduce the consumption of goods and reuse what we already have.  In this month when we think of green, this is a great opportunity to save a little green and go a little green to protect the green in our environment by using the ancient principles of wabi sabi.


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