Get to Heart of your Environment

February is the month of Love and Relationships. There are many different types of relationships in our lives.  All of these relationships play a role in our happiness and our success. How does our home and office reflect these relationships?  If we look at romantic relationships what are we clinging to that may be holding us back from growing in a current relationship or finding that someone special?  Are you surrounded with mementoes from a previous relationship?  We might hold onto these items in hopes of rekindling the past. These objects are holding us back from starting fresh and finding our soul mate. So now might be the time to release those memories and take down the pictures that don’t reflect healthy relationships.

 Now take a look at your office or work environment.  Many people have been laid off or changed positions in the past few years.  How many of us are holding onto items from our previous employer?  It could be a coffee mug or that mouse pad with the company logo. This might be the time to get rid of these items and replace them with objects that reflect your desire to start fresh and find that new position that you seek.  We don’t realize that by keeping these objects we are hanging onto to the old energy that these items represent.  These objects may conjure up resentment that we have for our previous employer.  You want to surround yourself with items that you are passionate about and that bring you joy. 

 It is important in these tough times that we have an environment which inspires us, lifts us up and makes us feel good about ourselves.  So take this opportunity to go through your home and your work environment and look at the items that are filling those spaces.  Do they bring you happiness? Do they make you feel optimistic about the future?  In this month of Love be sure that cupid hits its mark and your environment nurtures all of your relationships!


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