Feng Shui Tips

These are some of my favorite tips for bringing balance and harmony to your surroundings:

Remove any clutter that you may have. Clutter is a sign that there is a blockage of energy.

Fix and repair any broken items.  Anything broken in your home can represent something broken in your life.

Make your front door appealing and eye catching.  This is the mouth of energy for the home so you want it to be seen and noticed.

Try to incorporate a piece of nature in your environment.  This will give you a grounded and stable feeling.

 Place a wind chime outside the front door.  This will disperse energy and will help with protection.

Position your bed, desk, or couch in the “Power Position”. The Power Position is where you can see the door but you are not in direct line with the door or your back is not to the door and you have a solid wall behind you.

Use color to your advantage.  Red, gold, and black are auspicious colors.   Red is a good color to get noticed.  Gold is a lucky color and can increase wealth and abundance.  Black is a great color for career enhancement.

Mirrors are the aspirin of Feng Shui. They can be used to enhance a particular area or detract negative energy away from a space.

Use aromatherapy and fresh air to change the feel of any space.


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