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Making FENG SHUI Comfortable not Complicated

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I have a strong passion for creating a comfortable home,
by utilizing the principles of FENG SHUI.
I like to make FENG SHUI simple and easy to understand.

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ENVIRONMENTAL HEALING combines:   The ancient wisdom of FENG SHUI the philosophies of REIKI and the principles of wabi sabi to help people transform their existing surroundings. By utilizing the tools of FENG SHUI such as removing clutter, rearranging furniture and balancing the natural elements I can alter the energy of one’s environment.  As a REIKI Master, I use the energy in nature to balance and heal one’s surroundings.  I do this by redirecting the negative energy and utilizing the beneficial energy of a particular space. I refer to it as Environmental REIKI.  I use wabi sabi by repurposing my clients existing furnishings to save money and to limit one’s carbon footprint. By applying the principles of FENG SHUI, REIKI and wabi sabi I can help you create, homes that will increase your prosperity, balance your energy and help you fulfill your life’s purpose. I have been helping business and residential clients enhance their living and working environments, organize and de-clutter their spaces, and maximize the market value of their properties.


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FENG SHUI is the ancient Chinese art of design and placement. It is an environmental art that uses geography, interior design, and common sense. When you make some simple adjustments to your surroundings, FENG SHUI can bring a sense of balance and harmony to any space.

Environmental REIKI is the ancient Japanese healing technique.  It is a treatment that promotes the improvement of body, mind and spirit.  REIKI creates a sense of well being and can heal the energies of the environment. This ancient modality can be used to break up stagnant energy within any environment.

WABI SABI is a Japanese design aesthetic that is simple uncluttered spaces, rustic furnishings and natural materials.  These simple ideals can be applied to our homes to make our space environmentally safe. WABI SABI teaches us to use less and use what we have and how to appreciate what we do have. It is a way where we can reuse, recycle and reduce our consumption of goods and materials. When we learn to appreciate the items we already have in our homes it helps us to live a simpler and stress free life.